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10. Council of the Union
10.1. The Council consists of at least 3 (three) and no more than 15 (fifteen) members.
10.2. The Council is elected by the General Meeting of Members from among individuals and representatives of legal entities - members of the Union, paying larger membership fees in accordance with clause 5.7. of this Statute.
By decision of the General Meeting of Members, the powers of the Council may be prematurely terminated in cases of gross violation by the Council of its duties, inability to properly conduct business, or in the presence of other serious grounds, which are determined by the General Meeting of Members.
10.3. Members of the Council carry out their activities on a voluntary basis and are not entitled to receive remuneration for it. At the same time, the members of the Council may be compensated for the expenses associated with the performance of their duties in the amount and in the manner determined by the Council.
10.4. The Council for the period of exercising its powers elects the Chairman of the Council from among the members of the Council. The Chairman of the Council directs the work of the Council, including presiding over the meetings of the Council (presiding over the meetings of the Council), signing the minutes of the meetings of the Council.
10.5. The Council for the period of exercising its powers has the right to elect the Secretary of the Council, both from among the members of the Council and employees of the Union. The Secretary of the Council provides technical support for the activities of the Council, including keeping the minutes of the Council meetings and signing them, counting the votes of the Council members at the Council meetings.
10.6. The competence of the Council includes the following issues:
1) admission of new persons to the membership of the Union;
2) determination of medium-term (from 1 year to 3 years) and long-term (from 3 to 10 years) prospects for the development of the Union;
3) approval of transactions in which there is an interest, and other transactions in cases provided for by applicable law;
4) making a decision on making changes to the unified state register of legal entities regarding information about the Union, but not related to making changes to the constituent documents of the Union (with the exception of the election of the President and the termination of his powers);
5) approval of the regulation on the branch and representative office of the Union;
6) approval of the regulation on the territorial subdivision of the Union;
7) other issues referred to the competence of the Council by this Charter and (or) the law.
The Council has the right to submit to the General Meeting of Members draft decisions on issues within the competence of the General Meeting of Members.
10.7. Regular meetings of the Council are held at least once every six months. Extraordinary meetings of the Council may be convened at the initiative of the General Meeting of Founders, at least 1/3 of the members of the Council or the President.
10.8. The Council is authorized to make decisions (has a quorum) if more than half of the members of the Council participate in the meeting.
10.9. The decision of the Council is considered adopted if the majority of the total number of members of the Council voted for its adoption.
10.10. The Council's decision is taken by open vote. Each member of the Council has one vote at the meeting of the Council. On the adoption of the Council's decision, a protocol is drawn up in writing.
10.11. A decision by the Council may be taken without holding a meeting by holding an absentee vote (by poll). The procedure for conducting absentee voting is determined by the Council.
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