Union of Entrepreneurs of Innovative Technologies Development
Scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences
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Our specialists perform work related to research and development work in the interests of third-party customers to develop new technologies and products.
Professional competencies make it possible to carry out a complex of development works on a turnkey basis - starting from the analysis of the subject area with the formation of requirements for the subject of development and writing technical specifications, ending with the preparation for transfer to production, including the development of the documentation necessary for certification.
We bring together the following professionals:
software engineers,
radio engineers,
developers of high- and low-level software, cross-platform and mobile applications
technical writers
Key Benefits:
A full cycle of R & D - from the development of technical specifications to the development of test results.
Highly qualified specialists with academic degrees.
Reliability - ensuring the confidentiality of ongoing work in compliance with the patent "purity".
Development of solutions for different types of markets: industrial, consumer, etc.
We offer:
                – Adaptation of current solutions to customer requirements.
                – Integrated design of systems and solutions.
                – Carrying out preliminary projects, R&D, R&D in the following areas:
                                • telecommunications and data transmission systems;
                                • control and measuring equipment of the microwave path;
                                • radar systems, sensors and transducers;
                                • robotic and mechatronic systems;
                                • components and solutions of the industrial Internet of things;
                                • control systems;
                                • power supply systems;
                                • automation systems.

We will carry out the development, from the preparation of technical specifications to trial operation and testing, guided by current domestic and international regulations and standards.

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